We played soccer yesterday.

I met the prince himself.


Oh, no!

When you are driving, you should make way for ambulances.

I don't give a damn what society thinks.

Let's send Grace a Christmas card this year.

I have an abnormal appetite.

They settled in Japan.

Am I clear?


Many people do not immediately understand the difference between states and governments.

He couldn't suffer the slightest disobedience in his men.

I don't like camping. Do you like camping?

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What should I tell Rolfe it's for?

We're still looking.

Louise seems to be anxious to get going.

Your friendship is very important to me.

Van was bored with his job.

On Earth, policymakers decried the "all-in-one-basket" doctrine of the Earth Is Our Home Society.

He assures us that he didn't attach a false statement.

She's got a hang-up about me being perfect.

Her name then was Agnes.

They prayed in the morning and in the evening.

I haven't seen Himawan since high school.


I can trust him to a certain extent.

I decided not to study French.

Srivatsan is trying not to scare anybody.

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It looks like you've gone out of the frying pan and into the fire.

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If you find yourself in quicksand you'll sink more slowly if you don't move.

That really fierce cockroach uglifies the so-called robot.

I had forgotten all about today's meeting. I'm glad you reminded me.

Help me up.

What's the fun in that?

I forgot I was in Australia.

He doesn't give any help with housework.

I know I'm not good enough.

He described the man as a model gentleman.

Dawn spent the afternoon with Harv.

I don't want a birthday party.

I gladly accepted his proposal.

Everyone knew everybody else.


Will doesn't like to be corrected in public.

South American telenovelas dream of being called soap operas.

We've taken a long hard look at your sales-directed communication and decided to buy some of the weed that you smoke.

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I think that you should go.

He failed for want of experience.

How did you know Rodent wanted to go to Boston?


Do you want to hear something interesting?

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Sue is impolite.

We ate surf and turf.

You're not a very good liar, Dan.

I'm going back for them.

I like him all the better for his diligence.

I owe her thirty dollars.

Naren is much better today than yesterday.

The widespread application of administrative guidance is considered to be a uniquely Japanese practice in which bureaucrats exert authority, without any legal backing, telling the private sector what to do and what not to do.

Do you want to leave now?

I know that isn't Gregor's umbrella.

First impressions are important.


Agatha didn't mind living by himself.

I expect that he will help us.

It seems that Maarten is unable to solve the problem.

Today it is cold.

I'll ring back at midday.

The two countries negotiated a peace treaty.

"I'm sorry. I reflected on what I did." "Reflected on what you did? That's something that even a monkey could do!"


I live in a small town.

It's up to us to make sure Gary doesn't do that.

Replace those books on the shelf when you're done with them.

Because it started to rain, I couldn't use my camera.

What are you referring to by "relationship"?

Last night, my wife and I went to a friend's house for dinner.

Tend to your own affairs first.

Are you really going to let Alex do that?

He adopted the orphan.

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Kate is taking a day off today.

I hope it isn't that bad.

I don't know those people.


We can't just leave her here.

I may as well go out than stay at home.

Thank you for your offer of overnight accommodation, but I won't take you up on it.

He served as mayor.

She concealed the fact that she used to be a salesgirl.


Lloyd went to a fortune teller.

People, like peacocks, will never tire of displaying to friends and potential mates just how wonderful they are.

There was bad blood between the two families in "Romeo and Juliet".

Beer is brewed from malt.

It is over ten years since she last went back to her country.

Which one do you like more?

I fell down and hurt my wrist.

Everything is going horribly wrong from Roderick.

Eliot did well.


The wind still blows strongly.

Jochen tried to hide her confusion.

This pizza is really good.

His death was instantaneous.

He kept shifting his weight from one foot to the other.

You should be more careful about what you say in mixed company. I know you're just joking, but not everyone would understand.

Mahesh tried to hide his anger.

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The alveolar approximant is a sound that is very rare in languages worldwide, but that exists in the English language.

Do you think his silence denotes guilt?

Ramsey is only pretending that he doesn't know.

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How flexible are you?

Irving saw him.

You might as well leave.

The first atomic bomb was dropped on Japan.

We often have traveled to Tokyo.

I'm worried about Charlene, too.

The cherry trees are in full blossom.

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It could take weeks, even months.


Allen and Johnnie both turned around to watch.

The lid doesn't want to come off.

There is a bus on the street.

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I hope your wish will come true.

You know I hate meetings.

Can you keep Byron there?

He was preaching God's Word to a small group of believers.

Marci has a sprained ankle.

I can't believe Himawan is really that upset.

He's younger than me.

I'm not chicken.

This is a great place.

As Yan Yuan pointed out, "proper moral cultivation could begin from any point on the moral map, not just the mean position".

This is Tony's book.

Let's go there today.

I cooked dinner for Mechael.

I need to know before 2:30.

It's not a real choice.

I'm pretty sure it just wouldn't work.

That guy is so tall!

I'm sorry to interrupt you while you're talking.

The book didn't sell, so it wasn't reprinted.

Charlie talks about Barbara all the time.

What happened to Robbin?

He weighs 270 pounds.

I could've cried.


I want everything to be just right.

Seen from the moon, the earth looks like a ball.

Do you have any disabilities?

He makes sense.

That makes me so angry.

Do you have a stomachache?

He ran so fast that I couldn't catch up with him.

Bing-bong ... bing-bong ... "Oh-oh. The class bell!"

Dalton owes Marty an apology.


I'm sorry about that.


Any time.

These three hours of driving have worn me out. Let's stop at the first rest area we see.

I don't understand why people like salmon roe.

They felt menaced.

"I believe that the code for Lebanon is 961," the shopkeeper said.


Oleg looks as if he's been sick for a long time.

The doctor advised me to quit jogging because it was excessive exercise.

There are four rooms in my house.

I don't remember you asking me to do that.

You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.

What else do they need?

He wrote me every week from Germany.

Del received a fax from Vicky this morning.

Can you speak a language other than English?


The snake hisses.

He looks happier this time.

Huey can't make me do that.

He slammed the door behind him.

Shouldn't we wait for him?

I really need a drink.

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.

Life isn't just a destination, it's how you get there.

Yesterday Daniele was sentenced to two years eight months in jail for investment fraud.

This cloth wears well.

You can use this computer any time.


When she was young, she preferred coffee to Japanese tea.

Which is more valuable, time or money?

The things you own, they end up owning you.